What is the Price of Steel Per Pound?


Steel Recycling

More steel is recycled in North America than any other material. It can be remelted over and over again to produce new products. After being crushed into large bales, mills melt it in large furnaces to make new material. crane loading scrap steelThe recycled material is then used to make new items such as cans, appliances, or structural framing.

For each ton of recycled steel, hundreds of pounds of other materials are conserved. Approximately 2,500 pounds of iron and over 1,000 pounds of coal are saved. About 18 million homes can be powered for a year by energy saved from recycling. Recycling uses 74% less energy to produce it than produciprice of steel per pound can add up with volumeng from raw materials.

  • #1 HMS
  • Plate & Structural
  • Cast Iron
  • Rebar
  • Busheling
  • Shred / Tin
  • Appliances
  • Junk Cars / Trucks
  • Heavy Equipment

Besides the steel scrap, the industry has recycled its byproducts for many years such as slags, mill scale, water and processing liquids. Also, sludge and dusts are processed so that other metals, such as zinc, can be recovered and recycled. Two out of three tons of new steel are produced from old.

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