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lead scrap

Lead Scrap


Interested in recycling your lead scrap?

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Lead is one of the most commonly recycled materials today. Over half of the lead used throughout the world each year is recycled. Approximately 85 percent of lead is utilized in making batteries. All of it is recyclable. Lead has been used for industrial purposes for thousands of years. In fact, ancien chemist associated the planet Saturn with lead and it is believed to be the oldest metal on earth. 

Some of the most common purposes and uses for lead include lead radiation shields used in hospital settings and in aprons before taking x-rays. Lead is a very toxic heavy metal that is naturally found in mineral deposits within the earth’s crust. Improper disposal of lead can contaminated water and have a very negative impact on the environment. Additionally, lead scrap is very valuable, because, the price of lead pays well.

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Types of Lead Scrap to Recycle

  • Auto Batteries (Lead Acid Batteries)
  • Soft / Hard Lead
  • Fork Lift Batteries
  • Steel Case Batteries
  • Back Up Batteries
  • Wheel Weights

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