What You Need To Know About Copper

The red precious metal, copper has been around for thousands of years! Did you know? It was the first metal to be handled by humans, as early as 4500 B.C. Later came alloys that they mixed with copper and other metals to create new metals, for example, bronze. The U.S. penny was made of pure copper until the last century. After aluminum and iron, copper is the most used metal by big industries and three-fourths of it goes into building electrical wires.

Copper in your life

Copper mines are found amply, yet that is not the only reason it is broadly used for electronic wiring. Every home and building structure includes copper in their earthing systems. This is a life-saving system that protects structures from lightning strikes.

The metal’s physical and chemical properties such as conducting electricity make it ideal to use in electronic devices. Any average person needs approximately 1500 pounds of copper in all their devices put together such as computers, phones, vehicles.

Did you know your unused car can produce up to 50 pounds of copper? Or that the pipes in your home average  approximately 400 pounds of copper? Cooper doorknob, handrails and finger plates are not just for aesthetic value. Copper has an antibacterial nature and is used extensively in public building as a preventive measure against bacteria.

Copper Color Code

Apart from gold, copper is the only metal that is not grey or silver. It turns green when it exposed to moisture. The exposure to air and water manipulates copper with a chemical reaction that turns it green. Did you know? The statue of Liberty is made of 179,000 pounds of copper, that’s enough copper to make 30 million pennies. Now, 30 years later it is green. 

You need copper in your body too.

The human body needs copper for performing functions, the most important being the formation of red blood cells. Thankfully, you get copper in your diet through fresh leafy greens, beans or potatoes. In the ancient times, and some cultures even now serve food in copper plates or bowls and water in copper jars to get the maximum benefits of this precious metal for the body. Too much of a good thing is bad, and it’s true with the consumption of copper too. Fun fact: Copper is woven into socks to help you fight foot fungus.

Why Recycle Copper?

The most interesting reason copper is a utilized metal of industries is for its renewable properties. Copper is a metal that is 100 percent recyclable. That means, there is essentially no loss of metal during the recycling process.

Copper recycling process helps reduce carbon emissions, dust and waste gases, including other drastic disadvantages caused by mining natural copper ores. Mining fresh copper is a dangerous activity. Therefore recycling this renewable natural source makes a lot more sense than mining, milling, smelting and refining raw copper that otherwise harm the environment.

Recycling is also a more affordable way to extract copper. The energy conserved by recycling is of great value, besides conservation of the natural resources such as land, water, air is always encouraged. Did you know? Until today, only 12 percent of copper has been mined. This is great news because we want to sustain the copper ores and use the available copper metal as a limited resource.

When in doubt, always recycle copper

Recycling copper helps the industry maintain copper metal as an affordable commodity. When copper is discarded in landfills it is wasted and the land languishes away. Copper is a renewable metal, and that means, if you have unused copper metal in your home, you can trade it at your nearest scrap metal yard for cash. You can find copper in discarded air conditioners, heat pumps, dishwashers, refrigerators, clothes washer, dehumidifier, disposers and clothes dryer. Look at your plumbing tune, fittings, valves, built-in appliances, other wires and tubes. You can also expect to receive 95 percent of its original value. 


What to Do With Your Old Washing Machine

Who can do without a washing machine these days? It’s only when it breaks down or gets too old for repair that you realize what a great comfort it is to have one working for you. When your washing machine certainly takes that last breath, it’s time you rethink your strategy. What are you going to do with it? Getting rid of it is one thing, but trading parts of it for cash or repurposing other parts for decor is a whole different game. In case you were wondering which direction you want to take your old washing machine to, here are suggestions on what to do with this unsung hero appliance.

Repurpose your washing machine drum into many useful things.

Washing machine drums are a great resource you can repurpose and give it a new life. If you have the DIY spirit alive in you, transform the washing drums into beautiful pieces of home decor. Your machine can be anything from a stool to a television stand. 

Fire pit

The washing machine drum is made of stainless steel, and so, it can withstand high temperatures. It is easy to set up provided you have other supporting materials such as a fire-resistant base. You can carry it for those camping trips or fix it up for those pleasant but cold winter evenings. The holes within the drums get the air circulating so the fire keeps going until you decide it’s time. You can even add some DIY magic to convert your new fire pit into a new BBQ stand or a patio heater in no time.


Washing machine drums are relatively large. So if you gave it a paint job, add a glass piece on top and you have an immediate drum table. Keep it in your living room, use it as a coffee table or a nightstand, salvage this stainless piece of your old washing machine in no time. If you pile several drums on top of each other, you can have your very own drum storage space. Throw a pillow on the base, make an opening in the drum table and you have a comfy dog den for your small sized furry friend. You can even use your old washing tub as storage for your garden hose.


Use the washing machine drum for your indoor or outdoor garden. This is a great way to repurpose which was otherwise considered as trash. All you need to do is repaint the surface on the outside of the drum and set it up with fertile soil and a large plant. It’s now that easy to give your plants some much-needed extra space to grow and thrive.

Stylish decor

For comfortable sitting stools, choose the color, pattern, and texture of your preference and use the drum as your base. You can even use the drum as a base for your lamp, as a lamp stand. If you build in t into the drum and hang it, your old washing machine is now a hanging drum light. The holes on the surface trickle the light into your room.

Reuse these pieces from your old washing machine:

Use the glass door as a big serving platter.

Repair the motor for another appliance.

Create DIY magnets to build a generator.

Utilize the metal case as a spare compartment for other projects.

Reuse and collect the small nuts, bolts, and clips.

As you can see your old washing machine has many parts that can be recycled. Remember to bring the steel case for your washing machine into your nearest scrap yard. Remember to disassemble your washing machine to get the most value for individual components. Also note that the drum, assorted plugs and small pieces like screws, nuts, and bolts can be reused, repurposed or recycled.

If your old washing machine is still working but you don’t need it anymore then offer it to your local church or charities. You can even donate it to a local thrift store. Get creative and remember that there is plenty you can do with your old washing machine.

5 Types of Metal Found in Cars

There is a lot of thought, science, design and planning that goes into developing a car. The different types of metal found in cars determine the design, durability and even speed sometimes. If the car is made from exotic metals, it will be perceived as having high-quality and aesthetic value. It will also be rather expensive to build and buy. Exotic metals have their own strengths and so, to meet the best of both worlds, cars are manufactured with a mix of metals.

Before you simply scrap your car or offer it up as part of the Cash for Clunkers program, you’ll want to know what metals are found in your car or even inside any average one. This way, you will know which parts to pull apart for scrap and which to recycle. Here are the types of metal found in cars, their benefits and what you can do with them when faced with an older car with a questionable value.  

Strong Steel Body

Almost all cars are made with predominantly steel in them. You will find steel in the doors, hoods, trunk and the car’s frame. Steel is a strong metal that is also versatile and easy to work with. Furthermore, it is also widely available. Not only is the body made from steel but this metal is also used to design and create parts of the roof, wheels, brakes and even the engine. It is affordable and often the type and grade of steel used for manufacturing cars depends on the design goals of the manufacturer.

Light Aluminum Construction

Second to steel, aluminum is used frequently in manufacturing cars as well. Aluminum is lighter than steel and is a stronger metal. However, many manufacturers shy away from using because it is an expensive metal to work with. Generally, the engine is made of aluminum because this metal can withstand high temperatures. You may also find this metal in the rims, doors, and the hoods of some cars.

Copper Wiring

As you may have guessed, you will find metal copper in the electronics and wiring of your car. These electronic wires run throughout the car connecting different systems to each other such as the safety, radio, charging points and others. There is copper also found in starters.

Lead for Balance

Lead is a heavy metal that is often found in the wheel weights of automobiles. The weight helps to balance the car. The rims on the wheels are made of aluminum and lead. Aluminum is a great metal to scrap for cash  but remember to strip the lead off the rims. Your car battery is also frequently made of lead so remember to remove it before scrapping your car.

Exotic Metal Platinum

Platinum may be rather more expensive than gold but you will find it in most cars. This metal is found in your catalytic converter as it helps restrict pollution release from the engine. Now, this metal is profoundly embedded within your converter so if you try to pull it apart yourself, you may not get it right. If you want to make more money at the scrap yard, then it only makes sense if you took the whole converter out for recycling.  

If you have a gas guzzler or an old junk car in your garage, then it’s time to get some use out of it. You’ve kept it with you forever and now it is time for you to decide. Don’t throw in the trash or dump it in a junk yard! Remember to separate the parts before you bring it to the scrap yard. If you are not sure of how to do it or may not have the right tools to take them apart from your old car, we recommend that you contact one of scrap yards near you

The Importance of the Cash for Clunkers Initiative

The Importance of the Cash for Clunkers Initiative

In 2009, the Cash for Clunkers initiative offered the perfect opportunity for car sellers to exchange their old cars for cash. This U.S. government-run program was specifically beneficial to those who couldn’t find buyers for their old cars. This was one juggernaut every developed country in the world was trying at the same time too. Although the program received much flack from the critics, it absolutely impacted the environment to some extent.


To prevent a recession in France, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy started this program in 2008. This was the original program where consumers were offered more than $1,000 in exchange for their decade-old cars. Germany followed suit. However, the country ran into deep water when over 50,000 old cars were stolen and re-purposed into third world countries. Either way, the program encouraged new car sales in all the countries taking part in this initiative.

It also had a ripple effect on employment rates. Car manufacturer needs increased with the high demand for new cars because the environment was free of old cars that required more gas compared to the fuel-efficient new cars! In effect, the U.S. cash for clunkers initiative helped the economy by improving the auto industry sales. This initiative came at the right time – the time of severe financial crisis and it helped the country come out of it.

The Billion-Dollar Program

As soon as the program hit, the treasury ran dry within the week. So the program had to put in more funds to encourage more sellers to trade in their gas guzzlers for cash. For a $3,500 rebate, sellers had to buy new cars that offered 22 miles per gallon (mpg) mileage. The old cars, on an average, gave just 15.8 mpg which translates to more than 60 percent of fuel efficiency by the new cars.


For sellers or consumers who could never sell their used cars, this program was a much-needed opportunity. The harmful vehicles were off the streets. There was reduced carbon emissions in the environment and more fuel-efficient cars on the streets.  

The idea was to decrease the dependency on foreign oil. With over 250,000 old cars traded in, the annual average number of gallons consumed decreased to 56 million from a whopping 138 billion total gas consumption. When you look at it this way, there is a small change in the gas consumption which is promptly proportionate to the total carbon emission in the environment. Less pollution is in the environment.


Although the program, in an economical way, removes old dingy gas guzzlers off the road and sends it to scrap, this activity has garnered much criticism. The critics point to the fact that many vintage cars are now destroyed because of this initiative. Consumers may be forced into buying new cars which they may not afford. There is the question of car insurance policies to consider as well.

Critics also explain that converting the cars into heaps of scrap metal takes up energy. So, all this makes it more expensive for the used car buyers as the cost of used cars go considerably higher with fewer models of the same vehicle on the road. Also, consumers without access to new credit for buying new vehicles are negatively affected by this initiative.


The new cash for clunker program should help consumers exchange their old, battered cars for safer, more fuel-efficient cars. The new initiative can be a problem for lower income buyers if this isn’t considered. If this program makes it expensive for used car owners, then the idea makes sense.

More consumers will be encouraged to embrace environmentally-friendly ideas such as carpooling or using public transportation instead. Making these choices and changes is unquestionably better for the environment. These changes translate to reduced traffic on the roads. It also helps more controlled pollution in the environment.

If you have an old car and would like more information about the cash for clunkers program, contact us. One of our scrap metal recycling centers in South Florida is ready to help.

All You Need to Know About South Florida Scrap Yards

All You Need to Know About South Florida Scrap Yards

Scrap Yard Broward

Metals make up most of our appliances and many other items. Each year there are tons of metal improperly disposed. Metals take centuries before they decompose. With this in mind, the wisest thing to do is to gather all metal and bring it to a scrap yard  in Broward to be sold.

There is a myriad of junk yards everywhere. When looking for a junk yard where you can sell your scrap metal, go for the one that already established a good reputation for the metal-buying and processing industry. This scrap yard is usually the one that guarantees the highest prices paid, Capital Scrap Metal!

We are Home of Highest Price-Paying Scrap Yard Broward

Capital has been in the metal-buying and processing industry for more than two decades. This makes them one of the most trustworthy and well-established scrap yards in Broward County. The company continues its promise of paying the highest price possible for every kind of metal. They also directly import scrap metal from the Caribbean and Latin America.

Capital Scrap Metal is definitely the best scrap yard Broward to go to if you have got a lot of scrap metal. The junk yard accepts all kinds of metal, staying true to one of its taglines, “if it’s metal, we buy it.” Another good thing about the company is that they also accept restricted materials.

Metal Recycling Made Easier

Metal takes hundreds of years to decompose. This fact alone makes you think twice before you throw an empty soda can into the trash bin. If you do not have the luxury of time to recycle your scrap metals, all you have to do is to collect them and bring them to Capital Scrap Metal for proper processing.

Scrap Yard Broward Information Center

Scrap Yard Deerfield

Throwing away appliances and other articles that are made of metal or contain metal can do great damage to the environment. It is every individual’s responsibility to take even small actions to help preserve nature. And one of the best ways to save the environment is by bringing scrap metal to a scrap yard.

Junk yards accept a wide variety of metals – copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel lead, and many more. If you are running out of space for a new collection of scrap metal, then you can always get in touch with the most trustworthy scrap yard in Deerfield, Capital Scrap Metal.

Top Scrap Yard Deerfield: Capital Scrap Metal Guarantees Highest Prices Paid

Capital Scrap Metal, LLC is undoubtedly one of the most reputable scrap yards in Deerfield. They have been in the industry of metal-buying and processing for 25 years. The company assures its clients that they will get the highest price possible for every kind of metal they bring.

They offer the best services for individuals, corporations, and manufacturing facilities. So if you have a collection of metal from non-functioning appliances or even soda cans, bring them to Capital Scrap Metal.

Scrap Yard Deerfield Information Center

Scrap Yard Palm Beach

People throw away junk every day. Many of us are too busy to segregate waste and unknowingly throw away scrap that is potentially a money-maker. There are some items you can recycle at home, but non-biodegradable materials such as metal often ends up in landfills. Rather than leaving them there, why not take them to a scrap yard in Palm Beach?

There are many ways to recycle waste such as paper and plastic bottles. However, scrap metal requires high-powered machinery to grind it. You definitely cannot do it at home. It is best that you entrust them to a reputable scrap yard Palm Beach. You won’t only be helping the environment, but you make money, too.

Capital Scrap Metal, LLC: the Leading Scrap Yard Palm Beach

Capital Scrap Metal is one of the biggest names you can trust when it comes to scrap metal recycling. We have skilled staff and equipment to recycle almost all types of metal. We cater to homes, businesses, factories, government facilities, and corporations, and manufacturers.

We boast about our state-certified scales and our clean, safe facilities. Our ultimate goal is to help make our environment a better place to live by recycling. Our scrap yard in Palm Beach accepts scrap items such as stainless steel, copper, electric motors, aluminum cans, AC coils, brass, auto rads, sealed units, insulated wire, and more.

We Make Recycling Much Easier!

Do you have a lot of scrap metal at home? Don’t throw it all away. Let’s work together to save the environment. Collect all the scrap metal you have at home or in your workplace, and call our experts to learn more about the types of scrap metal we buy. Get in touch with us today.

Scrap Yard Palm Beach Information Center

Palm Beach Scrap Yard: What Does It Do?

Every day, homes and workplaces throw away scrap, whether it is biodegradable or non-biodegradable. Non-biodegradable items include plastic and metals. However, plastics are easy to recycle. There are many sources online that teach you how to reuse plastic. Unfortunately, with metals, recycling at home is impossible to do.

This is why scrap yards exist! Scrap yards in Palm Beach are the perfect place for scrap metal. This is the place to go when you have junk metal at home from broken appliances, old plumbing fixtures, and even old cars. The best part about taking all this to a scrap yard is that you get paid for it! Scrap metal buyers assess your items based on its metal content and its weight. Then they pay for them at the best prices offered.

Come to us, Capital Scrap Metal, and we promise to give you not only the highest prices but the best services as well!

Highest Prices Guaranteed!

Do you want to sell your junk metal at home or from your business? Sell them to us at Capital Scrap Metal, LLC! We recycle scrap metals, and buy them with high prices, guaranteed! Choose us, and let’s work together to help save the environment while you earn at the same time. Call to today!

Scrap Yard West Palm Information Center

Things You Need to Know about Junk Yards

Junk or Scrap Yards are the common go to place to either sell your unwanted scrap metals or to look for materials that you need. Junk Yards are not only places where people dump those excess materials. Other large companies get some of their items from the scrap yards to reduce their expenses for production. Here are some of the things that you need to know about Junk Yards:

  • The people are more of the supplier of the business than the customer – this may sound weird but it is likely true. Since we go to them and sell them our scrap metals, we supply them in their businesses.
  • The Junk Yards not only recycle the items, they give the opportunity for salvaging – some people go to junk yards to salvage things or materials that they need. A common thing to salvage in these places are car parts. Some car owners go to junk yards to salvage some parts that they deem too expensive to buy new. They fix these parts up, clean them, and then re-use them.
  • Check prices before going and negotiate prices during the Junk Yard trip – if you are planning to sell, call the junk yard ahead of time to check the prices for the materials you are selling. You can call several places and compare the prices. When you are frequently selling or going to the junk yard, always try to negotiate the prices so they may either give you a better deal or a better discount if you salvage.

These are only some of the things that you need to know when going to a junk yard. Please feel free contact us anytime to know more about scraping your metals.

Top 16 Recycling Trends in 2017

Top 16 Recycling Trends in 2017

We are halfway through 2017 and yet, when you recycle remember new environmental trends continue to emerge every day. Expected to gain traction all over the globe soon, you can now make a positive impact with these surprising 2017 recycling trends. Everything from toilet paper to diapers are being upgraded to reduce our carbon footprint. Here is a list of the latest trends in recycled goods making huge impacts. 

Reusable Toilet Paper

Also known as “family cloths,” these are reusable, washable, and fit well if you want to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Unlike toilet paper, since it can be used wet, reusable toilet paper gets you cleaner better and they never run out! Simply drop clothes in the wash and you are good to go. 

Repurposed scrap metal

Turn your old washing machine drummer into a comfortable chair; turn a tube into a water fountain or hang a painted old metal bucket and use as a lamp, there are countless ways to repurpose scrap metal into fun furniture.

Dirty diapers

Did you know? A baby uses up to 6,000 diapers before being potty trained at 2.5 years old, culminating to 2.4 million tons of waste in the United States alone. Knowaste has a system that breaks down used diapers into a different components, sterilizes it, filter, cleans, and then reuses them for useful purposes.

Pet fur

A non-profit company, Matter of Trust, based in San Francisco uses donated pet fur to create oil-absorbing hair mats. The company creates green jobs and volunteer opportunities to divert waste fibers into useful products to clean our waterways.

Old bras

The Bra Recyclers recycle old bras with a purpose; with that, they have impacted families and communities worldwide. You can send your old, new, slightly flawed, or even returned items to them instead of the garbage.


You would never guess what companies like No Nonsense can recycle old nylon pantyhose into. Powdered pantyhose material is used to build park benches, playground amenities, and even carpets!

Glasses and hearing aids

You can mail your old glasses and hearing aids to New Eyes for the Needy so they can distribute these to help disadvantaged people in third-world countries. It’s their Overseas Program. It’s not just regular eye glasses, they also supply empty frames, children’s glasses, and sports glasses.  

Tennis balls

You don’t have to keep practicing with dead balls or tennis balls that have lost their bounce. You can now collect up to 200 balls and send them to a company that recycles old tennis balls and makes them feel like brand new!

Running shoes

Did you know the life of a running shoe is just a year? Walking shoes need to be replaced every 6 to 9 months too. Given these stats, there is bound to be a surplus of shoe waste! You could host a shoe drive or send your discarded pairs to a drop-off location.

Wine corks

Of the many things in your household, now you can collect your wine corks and put them to good use, too. Companies such as ReCork recycle used wine corks to build flooring tiles, soil conditioner, craft and other useful materials.


Don’t laugh! Even dentures can be donated and recycled now. Japan Denture Recycling Association (JDRA) has a program that accepts donated dentures to remove the valuable gold and silver metals from them. The proceeds are then further donated to UNICEF and other charities.

Deceased pets

In Germany, you may not bury dead pets in your home, they need to be taken to recycling depots away from the town center instead. The fat from the animals is collected and reprocessed to make glycerin. This component is then used to manufacture lip balms.

Chewed gum

World’s first, an airport in Southampton UK, has installed gum recycling bins for used chewing gums. The donated gums are processed and repurposed to make toys, tires, mobile phone covers, and other useful materials.

Prosthetic limbs

The Amputee Coalition of America disassembles and ships used prosthetic limbs in developing countries to aid landmine victims.

Plastic ban

You may have already noticed this 2017 recycle trend. Many cities across the country are turning away from plastic bags, for instance, California has a statewide ban. So remember to bring a cloth or reusable grocery bag when you go out to shop.

E-waste innovation

Apple robot knows to extract only the valuable materials from electronic waste, helping yards to process e-waste more efficiently. Don’t hold on to your old phone or computer as a backup anymore. Recycle it so all the components of the used electronics can be used before they go obsolete.

As the recycling trends around the world continue to emerge and groups work to reduce our carbon footprints as a nation – it is important to do your part. Learn more about recycling and how you can even earn cash when you recycle scrap metal.

Why You Should Recycle Scrap Metals in South Florida

Why You Should Recycle Scrap Metals in South Florida

So, why recycle scrap metal? Collecting scrap metal and bringing it to the scrap yard greatly helps in saving the environment through reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It protects biodiversity and much more. But the good effects of metal recycling do not just end there. The following are some of the reasons why you must always choose to recycle scrap metal:

  • More jobs are created because of it.
  • You are helping save energy consumption so you also help decrease energy bills.
  • You earn every time you bring your collection of scrap metals to Capital Scrap Metal.
  • Knowing that you are helping preserve Mother Nature and all its inhabitants is a small and simple reason to bring scrap metal for proper recycling. It truly gives a sense of fulfillment and joy.

Why Sell Your Junk Metal In Scrap Yard West Palm?

There are many ways to recycle waste materials such as plastic and paper. You can actually search the internet for these ways, and you can do them at home. However, junk items such as broken appliances and vehicles can be difficult to recycle. When it comes to this, you should sell them to a reputable scrap yard in West Palm.

The following are just among the many reasons why you should sell these scrap metals:

  • You help save the environment. Using metal from virgin ore uses more energy and emits harmful greenhouse gas. We all know how the greenhouse gas emissions greatly affect climate change, as well as adding to air pollution that that jeopardizes health.
  • You help generate jobs. By selling your junk metal to the scrap yard, they need more people to recycle them. This helps boost the economy.

If you are in West Palm, and you are looking for a reputable scrap yard and processor, come to Capital Metal Scrap LLC. We guarantee the best prices everyday! If it is metal, we buy it!

What Scrap Metal can You Sell?

Scrap metal buyers accept almost all types of metal. However, it is important to know what specific metals they buy and don’t buy so you won’t go home with them unsold. Basically, these scrap metal buyers accept junk metal that can be reused or recycled such as stainless steel, high-temperature alloys, lead, brass, copper, steel, electronic scrap, and even your old air conditioning units and cars.

On the other hand, they won’t buy scraps like radioactive materials, aerosol cans, monitors and TV sets, anything made from plastic, glass, wood, or porcelain. They won’t buy tires, either. If you are unsure about the item you are selling, call the buyer first and inquire about the material you have before you carry them all the way to their facility.

Capital Scrap Metal, LLC accepts almost every kind of scrap metal. We have the facility and the equipment to reuse and recycle this metal so they won’t end up harming the environment. Drop by our facility today or call us for inquiries.

What is the difference between non-ferrous and ferrous metal?

During the recycling process, at some point metals are separated between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The main point of differentiation is one material has iron elements and the other does not. By distinguishing between the two, the company knows how each type of metal will be reused.

  • Ferrous – this has iron elements in the metal. This contributes to their high tensile strength and durability. With this, the scrap metals are recycled and redistributed to the industrial part like housing, buildings, and such.
  • Non-ferrous – do not have iron elements in the metal. This contributes to their malleable properties and makes them lighter. They are recycled and reused for aircraft and canning industries. These metals also have lower risk of rusting and corroding than ferrous items.

Scrap Metals: How to Sell Them

Collect all scrap metal you find at home, in your workplace, and even on the roadside. Make sure you are scavenging metal that most scrap yards buy. When you are ready, the next thing to do is to find the best scrap metal buyer in your area. However, there are many of them these days, and choosing which one should you sell your items can be a difficult task.

Start off by comparing their prices. Choose the ones that offer the highest price. Narrow down your list by checking the background of each potential scrap metal buyer. Check their licenses, facilities, services offered, including customer feedback and satisfaction rating. The company must have pick-up and drop-off services, a fleet of vehicles, experienced staff, and clean and safe facility.

Check out Capital Scrap Metal, LLC today. We are one of the most trusted scrap metal seller and buyer in Palm Beach. We guarantee the best prices paid every day! Get in touch with us today!

Scrap Metals: Find Them at Home

There are a lot of junks you can find in your house or in your workplace that you thought about throwing away, but they are actually very valuable when you know how to use them. Scrap metal is in demand, both locally and internationally. Today is the best day to collect your items containing metals and sell them to reputable scrap metal buyers or take them to the scrap yard. So how do you find scrap metals?

Broken appliances, old cars, and old metal plumbing fixtures are the best sources of scrap metal. For example, your toaster’s case is made of stainless steel, and it can be sold. Also, your old plumbing fixtures are also made of metal. Your old desktop computer has some metal components inside. You may take them out and sell them altogether. You might even get more money than selling them at a garage sale.

Collect all of these valuable articles and get money from them. Capital Scrap Metal LLC guarantees the best prices for every piece of scrap metal you sell, every day! Request a pick-up service today!

How to Recycle Scrap Electronics

As the world progresses further, developments and technology never cease to advance. Today, everybody uses electronic gadgets. Cellphones, laptops, tablet, televisions. If you ask one person today, especially the young, if they can live without these electronics, a lot of them will answer ‘no.’ After all, everything now revolves around technology.

This results is creation of electronic waste, or E-waste. This is the by-product of using technology. Old or outdated phones or gadgets that are no longer useful are being disposed haphazardly. There are some ways to make these useful again:

  • Give them to others who need them – you can re-gift, donate, or re-sell your old gadgets to other people especially if they are still in good working condition. This can make someone else happy and you reduce the garbage sent to landfill sites.
  • Sell some of the parts – if a gadget is not working as a whole, but some parts are still functional, go to a retailer or someone who has in-depth knowledge of such things and ask them to take out the working part and sell it.
  • Give them to a recycling plant that specifically recycles gadgets – this way, you can make sure that your old electronics have a new purpose.

Make sure that you do the necessary prep-work before doing any of the above. Most importantly, be sure that all of your important and personal data has been erased or removed to avoid any unnecessary complications in the future.

Summary of the Advantages to Recycling

Bringing scrap metal to the scrap yard does not just help preserve the environment and conserve natural resources. The following are more advantages of taking time to collect scrap metals and bringing them to the junk yard for processing:

  • You are helping conserve energy bills. The process of purifying, shaping, and transporting new metals eats a lot of energy. Large scale metal recycling helps conserve energy and reduce cost of energy.
  • You help create more jobs. Yes, you are helping boost the economy by creating jobs because more people are needed to perform the process of scrap metal recycling.
  • You are earning. The Capital Scrap Metal LLC gives the highest prices paid for every kind of metal. So each time you bring your scrap metals to them, you will surely earn big.

13 Types of Scrap Metal

The scrap metal industry may not be as glamorous as others, but it is just as important. Not only to the environment, but you can recycle, upcycle, and exchange your discarded scrap metals – for cash payments! The key here is to know about the types of metals, what they are used for as well as their value.

Separating and sorting your scrap metal into different types is the first step. A magnet can help you separate the metal into two main categories. One is ferrous (which the magnets attract) and the other, non-ferrous. You want more non-ferrous metals; these are valuable and are worth all the trouble and the money.

Identify and Know Your Metals

When you know the types of scrap metal you are dealing with, it becomes a lot easier. Just remember though, the value of scrap metal depends on the quantity, the quality, and the type of material you bring to the scrap yard. This quick guide will help you discern the right scrap metal and look for opportunities where you can find them.


This is a commonly recycled scrap metal. You can find aluminum in your soda cans, discarded food wrap foils, an entire screen door frame, or storm windows. Check your air conditioning units and old mobile homes, they will most likely have aluminum wiring.


It’s easy to find brass in your home. Your air conditioning unit is a good place to start. Other things such as door knobs, brass-plated crockery, and old bed frames are made from brass. You can get up to *$1.10/lb for brass shells there. Look for brass in old electronics’ wiring too.


Carbide is a popular demand these days and that means you can get a good price for it. If you have many tools, you will find carbide in tool bits or drill bits. They are heavy and grayish in color.


Your batteries have cobalt in them! So do alloyed scraps like turnings, filter cakes, and leach residue. Cobalt is one of the most useful types of scrap metal and the demand for it is steadily increasing every day.


After aluminum and steel, copper is the third most used metal in manufacturing. Copper is a valuable metal found in your household plumbing, statues or living room decor, appliances, kitchen sinks, pots old roof accents, and electronic wiring.


Looking for gold to scrap definitely makes recycling fun and profitable at the same time. Gold is not only found in a jewelry box but check old smoke detectors, old VCRs, and cell phones. Heat insulators in cars, embroidery done on clothing with gold thread, and photographic toners are just some of the top places at home where you can find gold.


Don’t be surprised if we tell you that unused patio furniture or your garden furniture is most likely made of iron. Even appliances such as iron pans, lawn mowers, swings in your backyard, and iron railings are acceptable as scrap metal.


Lead is a metal that requires so much energy to mine that lead recycling is a preferred method to acquire the metal. It is a highly toxic metal so be sure to protect yourself and your surroundings.  


Other than Canadian coins, you can find the nickel in rechargeable batteries, microphone capsules, and electric guitar strings.


Silver is considered a precious metal and can earn good money. You can get coin rolls from the bank and look for coins minted before 1964; these have over 90% silver content. You can also find this precious metal on jewelry, tableware, and utensils too.


Stainless steel is one of the biggest metals used for manufacturing and is stable when it comes to pricing, always between $0.30-0.75/lb. If you were renovating your kitchen, scrap your stainless appliances, sinks, trays, and appliances made of steel. Just make sure your material is not magnetic or you may get a lower price for it.


Titanium is used in manufacturing just about everything from jewelry to airplanes and that’s why this metal is so valuable. It can get you a good price at the scrap yard.


There are many places at home where you can find tungsten for example, razor blades, jewelry, and ballpoint pens, just to name a few.

Take a hard look at this metal list to discover scrap metal around your home that could help earn you money. Share this list with others and help protect and conserve the earth’s resources.

Scrap Metal: Breaking News and Industry Insights

As a measure against cheaper imports, President Trump’s solemn promise to protect steel manufacturers in the country has the industry excited and hopeful for a bright decade ahead. The investment in infrastructure is said to be near $1 trillion. No wonder the stock prices for some scrap metal have climbed the charts of late!

American scrap metal export activities

The global demand for scrap metal is great for the American economy. U.S. scrap exports create over $28 billion in total economic activity. So if you are a recycler, you have a greater opportunity for international markets while playing a vital role in the economy by producing jobs. This year is not even halfway through and scrap metal export activity in the country has already created over 534,000 jobs! These jobs and the $3 billion in taxes collected made an overall economic impact of close to $117 billion.

China’s Steel at Discount Prices

Steel manufacturers in America have their woes against Chinese steel and for good reason. China produces steel regardless of the demand. The oversupply of steel is then sold at discount prices on the world market. Last year saw many penalties slapped on illegal dumping of subsidized steel from China. This further reduced the import inventories this year.  

Scrap Gold prices highest in 3 weeks since April 2017

While the gold futures market saw a dip in prices, this had a ricochet effect on the gold scrap metal prices. And yes, it climbed eight out the nine sessions. The Scrap Register Price Index recorded these rises.

Hallmarked Gold:

  • $457.907 an ounce for 9k
  • $714.334 an ounce for 14k
  • $915.813 an ounce for 18k
  • $1118.513 an ounce for 22k

Non-Hallmarked Gold:

  • $433.123 an ounce for 9k
  • $675.672 an ounce for 14k
  • $866.246 an ounce for 18k
  • $1057.975 an ounce for 22k

Non-Ferrous Scrap Market Update

The upsurge in the gold scrap metal prices may have given you hope to turn to what you have and see what you can scrap. If you don’t have gold, that’s ok because the activity in the non-ferrous market is not bad at all. In fact, prices have been stable – not swinging high on either side of the pendulum. Stability is good. So get cracking on non-ferrous scrap like aluminum and get those to your nearest scrap metal dealer before the market prices show any sign of instability in the direction that you hate.

Non-ferrous numbers reported in May 2017:

  • Ogden, Utah: Bare Bright, $2.03 per lb. (5/17)
  • St. Joseph, Missouri: Aluminum Cans, $0.45 per lb (5/17)
  • Longview, Washington: 304 SS, $0.35 per lb (5/17)
  • Sumiton, Alabama: Aluminum Scrap, $0.27 per lb (5/16)
  • Rockaway, New Jersey: #1 Tubing, $2.00 per lb (5/16)
  • Chesapeake, Virginia: 17-4 Turnings, $0.07 per lb (5/15)
  • Dubuque, Iowa: Aluminum Rims, $0.65 per lb (5/15)
  • Rochester, New York: Insulated Aluminum Wire, $0.08 per lb (5/15)
  • Glen Falls, New York: #2 Tubing, $1.80 per lb (5/14)
  • Mansfield, Ohio: Copper Wire, $0.50 per lb (5/15)

Ferrous Scrap Market Update

With steel prices also stable, this summer is a great time to gear up to sell your scrap metal and get your home and business properties clutter free. Since nickel prices have gone down in the past sessions, chances are the steel prices will also go down soon.

Iron and Steel numbers reported in May 2017:

  • Indiana: Scrap Automobiles, $150 per ton (5/17)
  • Rochester, New York: Light Iron, $146 per ton (5/16)
  • Erie, Pennsylvania: Cast Iron, $120 per ton (5/16)
  • Rochester, New York: Light Iron, $155 per ton (5/15)
  • Mansfield, Ohio: $100 per ton Unprepared Steel, (5/14)

If you are looking for more insights and industry updates, our blog and news articles are a great resource. We talk about everything related to scrap metal, the industry laws, tools, and equipment, and handy information about recycling you can use and appreciate. The primary goal is to make sure you are informed about how certain economic and political conditions affect scrap metal prices. Check back regularly for updates and insights into recycling scrap metal in South Florida

Top Factors Influencing Scrap Metal Pricing

Top Factors Influencing Scrap Metal Pricing

Just like some other commodities, the prices of metals at scrap yard Deerfield are also affected by certain factors. Some of the three biggest factors affecting pricing and can make the prices of metal vary are the following:

  • Energy cost and production
  • Supply and demand
  • Prices of virgin metals

Some of the price equivalents of each pound of metal at Capital Scrap LLC are as follows: Copper #1= $2.20/pound; Copper #2= $ 2.10/pound; Old sheet aluminum= $ 0.40/pound; yellow brass= $ 1.25/pound; cast aluminum= $0.40/pound; and light copper= $ 1.90/pound. You can always get in touch with the company for the complete price list and for more details about their services.

Metal Prices from the Best Scrap Metal Buyers Broward

If it is your first time to send metals to the scrap metal buyers Broward, it is important to take note that there are some factors that may affect the pricing of your scrap.  Some of these factors include the supply and demand, the prices of virgin metals, and the energy cost and production to name a few. The following are the recent prices of some of the most common metals:

  • Lead= $ 0.40/pound
  • Clean stainless steel= $ 0.35/pound
  • Copper No. 1= $ 2. 20/pound
  • Copper No. 2= $ 2.10/pound
  • Light Copper- $ 1.90/pound
  • Yellow Brass= $ 1.25/pound
  • Old sheet aluminium= $ 0.40/pound

For the complete list of metals, and their corresponding current prices, you can always get in touch with Capital Scrap Metal LLC.

Scrap Metal Pricing

The pricing of metal is usually affected by some factors. Three of the most common factors that influence the price change of metals include the supply and demand; energy cost and production; and the price of virgin metals. Some of the metal prices from the top scrap yard Broward are the following:

  • Yellow brass= $ 1.25/pound
  • Light Copper= $ 1.90/pound
  • Old sheet aluminium= $ 0.40/pound
  • Cast aluminium- $ 0.40/pound
  • Copper #1= $2.20/pound
  • Copper #2= $ 2.10/pound

You can always get in touch with Capital Scrap Metal LLC for the comprehensive list of their metal pricing.

Scrap Metal Pricing from the Leading Scrap Metal Buyers Hollywood

The process of scrap metals may change from time to time. This fluctuation in price is brought about the several factors including the cost of energy and production, supply and demand, and the price of virgin metals. Here is a list of the pricing of some of the most common scrap metals used from one of the most reliable and reputable scrap metal buyers Hollywood:

  • Cast aluminium= $ 0.40/pound
  • Aluminium rims or chrome rims= $ 0.50 or $0.30/pound
  • Copper or brass auto rads= $ 1.15/pound
  • UBC (Aluminium cans)= $ 0.40/pound
  • Yellow brass= $ 1.25/pound
  • Lead= $ 0.48/pound
  • Electric motors= $ 0.20/pound

Capital Scrap Metal LLC provides clients with the complete pricing of the different kinds of metals. As long as it is a metal, the company will surely accept it even if it is from restricted materials. Get in touch with the personnel for more helpful information.

What Affects the Pricing Offers of Scrap Metal Buyers Coral Springs

Scrap Metal Buyers Coral Springs usually buy almost all sorts of metals. However, some scrap metals may be more expensive or a lot cheaper than the others. This is mainly because the buyers actually have several factors to consider when assessing the materials that they are about to buy.

  1. Trading (Supply and Demand) – this comes in the form of market demand, international trading rates and industry demand for that particular metal
  2. Quantity and Quality– Most junk yards will first ask you on how many of the metals do you have before they consider buying them. The next thing they would want to assess is if the metal that you plan to sell is of quality and is still useful.
  3. Time of the Year – there are certain materials that are more in demand if the weather is nice or not.
  4. Location – It depends on what type of metal are in shortage either in or outside of the city

If you want to know more about the pricing, please feel free to contact Capital Scrap Metal LLC anytime.