The Importance of Aluminium

Did you know aluminium (or aluminum) is present in more than 270 minerals? It is lightweight and malleable and thus makes aluminium a popular metal that we use for day-to-day living. It’s a multi-purpose metal, used for aluminium foil to wrap up leftovers to manufacturing home appliances. We use aluminium everywhere!

The metal was made popular in home appliances by Apple. The creative geniuses created a laptop made from aluminium, because, it is a cost effective metal, easy to source and find.  

Aluminium has made our lives convenient.

From the most used items in your home to the ones hidden away from plain sight, almost every appliance features aluminium. Here are items you may have at home that features this versatile metal.

Pot and Pans

Take a look inside your kitchen’s cabinets. It is a metal regularly used to manufacture cooking utensils. Though highly reactive, it is often present in cooking appliances because it forms a protective layer when exposed to air.

This thin white layer coats the metal.  The coating prevents it from reacting with oxygen. The non-toxic nature of aluminium makes it safe to use to make cooking tools such as spatulas and whisks. It also features thermal conducting properties beneficial for cooking.

Soda cans

Almost any person has had a drink from a soda can or at the least seen one. Did you know these cans are made from aluminium? A soda can is no stranger to this useful metal. Here is how and why!

This precious metal is infinitely recyclable. These cans can be recycled and repurposed over and over again. No wonder it is one of the foremost reasons for using aluminium in soda cans! And that’s why cans have a lower carbon footprint compared to glass and plastic.  

The cans are lightweight which is convenient for stacking and shipping, too. Cans protect and preserve the flavor of your favorite drink. Its superior quality makes it a good canvas. Therefore, soda manufacturers can easily print their logo and design on the body of cans.

Home Appliances

This silvery-white metal is an excellent conductor of electricity. This is why you will find it in your refrigerators, microwaves, and in most home appliances. Aluminium is used in nearly every appliance in our homes, from televisions to your dryer. Its lightweight nature makes it the most sought-after metal in appliance manufacturing. The transport of these appliances becomes convenient too.

It has good thermal conductivity. This makes it a go-to metal in the manufacture of heating and cooling appliances.


The most prominent characteristics of the aluminium metal is its ability to withstand weight. It is the right alloy with the strength of steel. This property comes in handy when manufacturing wheels for heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicles like trucks transport heavy loads. These need the aluminium wheels to easily withstand the load pressure.


Aluminium is ductile, which mean it is drawn into wires. Along with the property of electrical conductivity, it is suitable for wires and wiring.


Aluminium is often seen in packaging as it is lightweight and holds heat. To make a roll of aluminium foil, the metal passes through rolling mills at a particular pressure. This is done to get the right thickness. It is then cooled and sent to the cold rolling mill to prevent breakage.

Aluminium foil is present in most homes and food industries. This everyday use of foil helps pack food and line cooking pans. It not only retains the temperature of the food, but it also protects it. The metal prevents oxygen, moisture, and bacteria from damaging the food.

Pharmaceuticals use aluminium in their packaging as well. This is because it can store perishable goods without needing refrigeration.

The way you look at it, aluminium is the superhero of all metals. It has properties that protect, prevent damage, and is wholly recyclable. Furthermore it is plentiful and easily recyclable. Recycling aluminum pays fairly well in South Florida as well. So, go green by buying more aluminium products. It is friendly on the environment and on your pocket.