The Best Metals to Scrap

When you opt not to recycle your scrap metal you could simply be throwing away money. For example, if you are throwing away soda cans, rusted tools, or any outdated electronic equipment then you are likely missing out on earning a few extra funds for your “trash.” It is no secret, but many people are unaware that all metals have some sort of value for their type and there are some that can earn you top dollar for an exchange at a South Florida recycling local scrap yard. Besides, when you sell discarded metals, you contribute to the process of recycling which helps sustain the environment as well.

As mentioned earlier, all metals have value, but it really depends on the type of metal, the quantity, and the quality of your scarp that determines how much money you can make from selling them. For example, just selling soda cans may not be as profitable as selling a big broken steel shelf. However, even though steel is one of the most common metals that are taken to the scrap yard, it is not highly profitable as compared to others.

The best place to find the most profitable metals are in the kitchen, garage, and patio. Finding metals to scrap in and around your home takes time. To ensure the best use of your time and for your efforts to be paid off well you need to know how to differentiate between the metals.

Types of Metals

Ferrous Metals: Metals that are made of iron or traces of iron, such as steel, fall under this category.

Non-Ferrous Metals: Metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper are more valuable than ferrous metals.

Here are the most profitable and the best metals to scrap:

  • Brass: This is one of the highest-paying metals. You can find it in your locks, valves, and other items that are of low friction. This is mainly because creating brass out of the raw materials such as copper and zinc is not an economical use of those metals. Brass is an adaptive and sustainable metal and companies thrive on using scrap brass metal to manufacture a variety of products. Since brass is a very durable metal and shines brightly when cleaned, musical instruments usually have brass in them. Depending on the market, brass metal and alloys that have brass usually get up to a dollar for every two pounds. Your everyday materials that have the shiny brass metal include your pins, bolts, hooks, jewelry, light fixtures, taps, and hand rails.
  • Copper: Copper is one of those most coveted metals today. Depending on the quality of the copper turned in, you can get between $2 to $4 dollars per pound. Copper is one the best metals to scrap because almost all scrap yards accept them. This is mainly because the energy consumed to create copper from virgin ores is much higher and the effort required to do it is also extensive. Recycling copper is much more profitable for industries because all of the copper is recovered and the conversion effort, total energy, and costs are minimal as well. Companies never experience loss by recycling copper. Any item that contains copper is a valid choice for scrap. Most wires have copper in them; so check your power cords. Copper is also found in plumbing pipes and motors as well.
  • Aluminum: Recycling aluminum is one of the most profitable processes. Industries save up to 95 percent of energy and release equally less gas emissions. Recycling this metal also saves the use of raw materials such as caustic soda, lime, and aluminum fluoride. Aluminum has the property to be recycled a limitless number of times and still retain its quality. This is one of the best characteristics of this metal and hence it is recycled many times and used in a variety of products. Most old windows have frames made up of aluminum; but before you weigh it, scrap yard employees will likely remove the glass. Soda cans are the most recycled aluminum products worldwide. It is incredible to know that the soda can you drink from is probably recycled up to eight times in one year alone! This in fact has saved the cost of making 160 cans from the raw metal.