Pompano Beach Garbage and Recycling Collection Update

Pompano Beach, Florida is a city located in Broward County. As the city continues to renovate and revitalize its beachfront and historic areas there are some interesting facts to discover surrounding the city’s push to recycle more and help the environment. One interesting fact is that the Pompano Waste Management Unit has been the sole garbage collector for more than three decades. Under the leadership of Mayor Lamar Fisher the old garbage and recycling collection system, which came into effect in 1984, was replaced by a new system in February 2016.

New Garbage Cart

Every resident of Pompano Beach has received a new garbage cart to replace their old carts. Carts must be placed curbside with the lid facing the street by 7 am and removed on the same day. Please note these tips to get the best out of collection services on your day of pick up.

  • Use garbage bags in your cart to keep the cart clean and odor free.
  • Only new garbage carts provided by the city will be serviced.
  • No other garbage cart will be collected.
  • All material must be inside the cart for pick up.
  • Trash left outside will not be collected.
  • Garbage is collected twice a week as per your location’s schedule with Waste Management.

New Recycle Carts

Every resident of Pompano Beach has also received a new recycle cart. Same as the new garbage carts, the new recycle carts must also be placed curbside.  The lid must face the street, no later than 7 am and must be removed on the same day of collection.

Recyclable Materials

We recommend that all recyclable materials be cleaned then placed in the new recycle cart. This is collected once a week, according to your location’s schedule with Waste Management.

New Collection Schedule Map

To know more about your neighborhood collection days, check the Waste Management website. Garbage is collected once or twice a week. The collections depends on the type of garbage – whether it is yard or vegetative, recyclable, or bulk waste.


When you need to dispose of large bulky items they must be dropped off at a facility that accepts bulk waste. Bulk items are classified as:

  • Old furniture, appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Toys and household materials
  • Yard trimming not exceeding 6ft in length
  • Wooden doors, sinks, toilets
  • Miscellaneous items that do not into fit carts

Bulk items are collected once a week. Any extra bulk items can be dropped off at the new Pompano Beach Drop off locations. This can be done on Saturdays between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  • Only household items and materials are collected.
  • Please bring your ID to verify you’re at the appropriate drop-off location. 
  • It is unlawful to bring trash for collection from elsewhere.
  • No hazardous material such as construction waste, vehicle parts, tires, or electronic items will be collected under the Bulk Collection time slots.
  • All waste must fit within a cubic yard in size.

Additional Garbage and Waste Collection Tips

  • On days that 3 categories of waste are collected, each cart must be placed at a distance of 3 feet apart.
  • Allow distance of 3 feet from cars, trees, and mailboxes.
  • Carts should be placed at the curbside. The lids must face the street (no earlier than 7 am and must be removed on the same day).
  • Lids must be closed and garbage must be bagged for collection.

Pompano Beach Events

To spread the awareness of the proper disposal of hazardous and electronic scrap waste, regular events will be held throughout the city to discuss Pompano Beach recycling. These events are free for all residents to attend. Find a list of upcoming events here.

The Verdict So Far…

The new schedule has been in place for 3 months, yet adapting to the new schedule is taking time. Despite the purchases of 10 new garbage trucks, garbage is piling up across the city. Even as commissioner Ernest Johnson opined that the new schedule was too big a change, Mayor Fisher has expressed his deep concern about the way Waste Management has dealt with the change, and has asked his staff to find other more suitable partners to tackle the city’s growing garbage issues.

Do your part in helping Pompano Beach recycling efforts to succeed. Volunteer, share this article with your friends and family in the are. Properly prepare, sort, and place curbside on your waste collection day.