All You Need to Know About South Florida Scrap Yards

Scrap Yard Broward

Metals make up most of our appliances and many other items. Each year there are tons of metal improperly disposed. Metals take centuries before they decompose. With this in mind, the wisest thing to do is to gather all metal and bring it to a scrap yard  in Broward to be sold.

There is a myriad of junk yards everywhere. When looking for a junk yard where you can sell your scrap metal, go for the one that already established a good reputation for the metal-buying and processing industry. This scrap yard is usually the one that guarantees the highest prices paid, Capital Scrap Metal!

We are Home of Highest Price-Paying Scrap Yard Broward

Capital has been in the metal-buying and processing industry for more than two decades. This makes them one of the most trustworthy and well-established scrap yards in Broward County. The company continues its promise of paying the highest price possible for every kind of metal. They also directly import scrap metal from the Caribbean and Latin America.

Capital Scrap Metal is definitely the best scrap yard Broward to go to if you have got a lot of scrap metal. The junk yard accepts all kinds of metal, staying true to one of its taglines, “if it’s metal, we buy it.” Another good thing about the company is that they also accept restricted materials.

Metal Recycling Made Easier

Metal takes hundreds of years to decompose. This fact alone makes you think twice before you throw an empty soda can into the trash bin. If you do not have the luxury of time to recycle your scrap metals, all you have to do is to collect them and bring them to Capital Scrap Metal for proper processing.

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Scrap Yard Deerfield

Throwing away appliances and other articles that are made of metal or contain metal can do great damage to the environment. It is every individual’s responsibility to take even small actions to help preserve nature. And one of the best ways to save the environment is by bringing scrap metal to a scrap yard.

Junk yards accept a wide variety of metals – copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel lead, and many more. If you are running out of space for a new collection of scrap metal, then you can always get in touch with the most trustworthy scrap yard in Deerfield, Capital Scrap Metal.

Top Scrap Yard Deerfield: Capital Scrap Metal Guarantees Highest Prices Paid

Capital Scrap Metal, LLC is undoubtedly one of the most reputable scrap yards in Deerfield. They have been in the industry of metal-buying and processing for 25 years. The company assures its clients that they will get the highest price possible for every kind of metal they bring.

They offer the best services for individuals, corporations, and manufacturing facilities. So if you have a collection of metal from non-functioning appliances or even soda cans, bring them to Capital Scrap Metal.

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Scrap Yard Palm Beach

People throw away junk every day. Many of us are too busy to segregate waste and unknowingly throw away scrap that is potentially a money-maker. There are some items you can recycle at home, but non-biodegradable materials such as metal often ends up in landfills. Rather than leaving them there, why not take them to a scrap yard in Palm Beach?

There are many ways to recycle waste such as paper and plastic bottles. However, scrap metal requires high-powered machinery to grind it. You definitely cannot do it at home. It is best that you entrust them to a reputable scrap yard Palm Beach. You won’t only be helping the environment, but you make money, too.

Capital Scrap Metal, LLC: the Leading Scrap Yard Palm Beach

Capital Scrap Metal is one of the biggest names you can trust when it comes to scrap metal recycling. We have skilled staff and equipment to recycle almost all types of metal. We cater to homes, businesses, factories, government facilities, and corporations, and manufacturers.

We boast about our state-certified scales and our clean, safe facilities. Our ultimate goal is to help make our environment a better place to live by recycling. Our scrap yard in Palm Beach accepts scrap items such as stainless steel, copper, electric motors, aluminum cans, AC coils, brass, auto rads, sealed units, insulated wire, and more.

We Make Recycling Much Easier!

Do you have a lot of scrap metal at home? Don’t throw it all away. Let’s work together to save the environment. Collect all the scrap metal you have at home or in your workplace, and call our experts to learn more about the types of scrap metal we buy. Get in touch with us today.

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Palm Beach Scrap Yard: What Does It Do?

Every day, homes and workplaces throw away scrap, whether it is biodegradable or non-biodegradable. Non-biodegradable items include plastic and metals. However, plastics are easy to recycle. There are many sources online that teach you how to reuse plastic. Unfortunately, with metals, recycling at home is impossible to do.

This is why scrap yards exist! Scrap yards in Palm Beach are the perfect place for scrap metal. This is the place to go when you have junk metal at home from broken appliances, old plumbing fixtures, and even old cars. The best part about taking all this to a scrap yard is that you get paid for it! Scrap metal buyers assess your items based on its metal content and its weight. Then they pay for them at the best prices offered.

Come to us, Capital Scrap Metal, and we promise to give you not only the highest prices but the best services as well!

Highest Prices Guaranteed!

Do you want to sell your junk metal at home or from your business? Sell them to us at Capital Scrap Metal, LLC! We recycle scrap metals, and buy them with high prices, guaranteed! Choose us, and let’s work together to help save the environment while you earn at the same time. Call to today!

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Things You Need to Know about Junk Yards

Junk or Scrap Yards are the common go to place to either sell your unwanted scrap metals or to look for materials that you need. Junk Yards are not only places where people dump those excess materials. Other large companies get some of their items from the scrap yards to reduce their expenses for production. Here are some of the things that you need to know about Junk Yards:

  • The people are more of the supplier of the business than the customer – this may sound weird but it is likely true. Since we go to them and sell them our scrap metals, we supply them in their businesses.
  • The Junk Yards not only recycle the items, they give the opportunity for salvaging – some people go to junk yards to salvage things or materials that they need. A common thing to salvage in these places are car parts. Some car owners go to junk yards to salvage some parts that they deem too expensive to buy new. They fix these parts up, clean them, and then re-use them.
  • Check prices before going and negotiate prices during the Junk Yard trip – if you are planning to sell, call the junk yard ahead of time to check the prices for the materials you are selling. You can call several places and compare the prices. When you are frequently selling or going to the junk yard, always try to negotiate the prices so they may either give you a better deal or a better discount if you salvage.

These are only some of the things that you need to know when going to a junk yard. Please feel free contact us anytime to know more about scraping your metals.