How to Recycle Electronic Waste

Millions of metric tons of electronic waste are generated every year. This e-waste contains harmful components such as lead, mercury, and cadmium that would otherwise lead to environmental pollution that may affect crops, plants, and humans as well. This includes even the small household appliances such as microwaves, remote controls, TVs monitors, computers, and laptops. The good news is that you can learn how to identify and dispose of your electronic devices properly or recycle them to help fight against environmental pollution.

There are plenty of options you can employ today to help fight against environmental pollution. One of the first steps to recycling electronic waste is to identify and understand it. We cover this topic in our post “What is Electronic Waste?” Once you have a firm understanding of what electronic waste is, consider these simple steps to learning how to properly dispose of your outdated or broken devices.

Find a certified electronic waste recycler

With the amount of electronic waste increasing tremendously, many densely-populated states such as California and New York  have intensified their campaign on recycling electronic devices. They are urging companies to get certified and take on the job of raising awareness and recycling or disposing of these devices properly. As a consumer your approach to recycling electronic waste will be different. Do not put all your trash in the same bag for disposal. Instead, choose a different place to keep your old computers, TV sets and other electronic devices that you have rendered obsolete. This way you will be able to dispose them properly so that they can land in the right hands for reuse. Find a certified electronic waste recycler near you. As long as they abide to the set regulation laws, you are sure to have the waste put to good use.

Learn to fix gadgets

Yes, your remote control is not working properly any more or the CTR cable is damaged. While you cannot handle the complicated parts, it is good to learn how to fix the small gadgets and reuse them. Get a new cable and repair your CRT instead of disposing it. Most of the devices may be quite easy to fix, not to mention fun. Use the online guides and YouTube tutorials to fix your iPods and gaming consoles and make a huge impact on the reduction in electronics that end up in landfills. If you have to dispose them, do it in the correct manner.

Reuse computer parts

When it comes to computers the problem can be everything from the processor to the RAM to the hard drive. Instead of disposing of it as a whole, check and see what parts you can reuse. Dismantle it and remove the hard drive and the RAM, and then upgrade your current machine. Do this and you will thank yourself later!

Go to the local recycling center and choose what you can use

Do you know of a recycling center near you? Visit your local center or pawn shop and determine if you are able to re-purpose an electronic device.  For instance, re-purposing a computer monitor and making it a planter is a brilliant idea. You can easily use the monitor casing to plant your flowers or veggies in a creative way. There are numerous guides to help you with this online as well.

Explore retail options

Explore retail options such as Best Buy, which offers an effective recycling program available in their retail stores. They guarantee that the waste you bring will not end up in a landfill. Electronic waste you can drop off includes laptops, cell phones, desktops, TVs, memory cards, and power cords among many others.

Donate the electronics

Remember that what is old to you can be of use to another. You don’t have to get rid of that television and dispose it just because you have upgraded to a smart version. Reusing all your electronic devices is always better. If the devices have some life left, you can reduce electronic-waste pollution by sharing the technology with other people who would not otherwise have any access to it. You can also gift them to some to your friends and family members who could use them.

Every time you go to the stores and replace your electronic devices, it is your personal responsibility to ensure your old gadgets are recycled in the proper manner. First, take your time and find a responsible electronic waste recycler. Reuse what you can and give out what you don’t need.

Finding ways to give back and recycle your electronic devices is one of the most important aspects of protecting the planet and your community. Keeping landfills free of electronic devices is very important and more awareness is needed. Please feel free to pass along this helpful guide.