Common Scrap Metal Around Your Home

If you are in need of some extra money then selling common scrap metal around your home is the surest and quickest way to make some. Scrap metal includes copper, steel, brass, and iron. These metals can actually be recycled and sold for profit. You come across these metals in your everyday life yet they are often tossed into garbage as unwanted and non-usable waste. If any items you are going to discard is made of metal then take a pause and consider recycling them instead. You will be surprised yourself to find that over a period of time, you have accumulated enough unwanted metal that can be recycled for quick cash!

This article can help you identify the best places and common household items which can be scraped to generate easy revenue.

Common Household Places to Look for Scrap Metal

Consider recycling the old iron or copper pans for metal scrap. Common kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves have copper wires. Stainless steel silverware, aluminum foil and even your unused kitchen stove can be recycled. If you habitually drink soda then you can collect soda cans made of aluminum and sell them as scrap metal as well.

Living Room and Bedroom
Your unused television set, entry doors, lamp bases, air-conditioners, and frames or gutters made from aluminum can be recycled.

Bathroom and Laundry
Any electronic devices such as washers or dryers are a good source for scrap metal. Fixtures in your bathroom may have copper wiring and pipes for plumbing may be made of copper as well. Copper is a guaranteed money-maker. Metal shelves can also be recycled.

If unused, iron patio furniture can be used as scrap metal; lawn mowers, metal swings, and even iron railing can be taken to your local junkyard and sold as scrap.

It’s time you took some time out and sorted through all the stored up things in your attic. Look for furniture made of metal – chairs, tables, lamps, shelves, appliances and even Christmas ornaments that you no longer use as each of those items can be sold as scrap.

Your rusty old power tools, paint cans nails, screws, bicycles, musical instruments discarded by your children and perhaps, your unused car is the biggest source for scrap metal. You will be able to make a profit by selling your car parts like batteries, radiator, compressor, rims and many others too.

Best Places to Find Insulated Copper Wire

One of the most profitable scrap metals is copper. You can either remove the insulation from the wires – if you know how to do it the right way – and sell the inner copper wires; or you can sell the insulated copper as it is, for a very good price!

Televisions and Monitors
Although the TV set can be difficult to recycle as a whole, you can always find copper wires that are attached at the base of the TV monitor. Monitors can be further dismantled to find capacitors, circuit boards and others.

Inside your Electronics 
When you open up some unwanted electronic appliances such as laptops, DVD players and others, there will be thin copper wires everywhere. Cut them up using scissors or pliers and stock them in the same pile of other copper wires accumulated thus far. Here’s a look a the price of copper today.

There are many copper wires inside your desktop PCs; after you’ve taken the hard drive and boards apart, you can also look for the copper wires inside. Besides that, the motherboard can also fetch you a really good amount in the market.

Big Appliances
Even though big appliances such as washing machines, air condition units, dishwashers, freezers and others are a great source of steel, they inherently have large and bulky copper wires inside them in the back. If you are getting rid of them, make sure to remove the copper wires for a separate payout.

Small Appliances 
All electronic items have copper wires in them, and that holds true for small appliances such as blenders, coffee makers and others. Check both the inside and the outside of these appliances for copper wires.

Other Electronics
Items that require frequent charging are good sources of copper wires. Items such as mobile cell phones, cameras, small gaming devices, and other. If you find that these items are piled in a basket unused because the family has upgraded scrap them all.

Overall, even though you would make a lot of money from common scrap metal found around your home, remember that you are contributing to the welfare of your community and environment as well. Earning some extra money is just a bonus.