Do you know what happens to all the waste? Waste with scrap metal not separated for recycling is often incinerated. Burning waste only sends harmful gases into the air and the soil. Precious metals don’t get recycled. By choosing to recycle in South Florida as much as you can, you do your part to reduce the ash and gas released into the environment. You have the power to protect the earth’s resources by choosing to recycle and repurpose. Here’s what you should consider.

Save earth’s resources by recycling  

By recycling as much as possible, your used materials get a new life. Repurposed new products get consumed. So the needs for using natural resources go down. When materials such as aluminum, steel, etc. are not recycled, then new products get made with raw materials. New products use the earth’s raw materials through mining and refinery. When you recycle, you conserve these natural resources. The reduced mining activity protects the natural habitat of the surrounding environment, too.  

Reduce total cost and energy

Manufacturing new products from scratch is a laborious process. It takes a lot of energy to extract raw, natural resources. We need energy to convert them all into usable industry-ready metal. Even more energy is consumed to burn fossil fuels such as coal and then for transportation. Recycling converts scrap metal into ready-for-industry metal products much more affordably.

Protect the environment

Extracting raw materials from the earth’s core releases harmful ash and gas into the air. This process causes air and water pollution. Recycling scrap metal and reusing plastic, aluminum reduces the need for the natural resources. Recycling protects the environment by reducing the greenhouse emissions.

Reduce landfill pile up

Recycling helps separate useful scrap metal from your waste and discarded materials. As a result, the total amount of waste reduces and waste destined for incineration is reduced. It may sound like it is no big deal, but it makes a big difference to the environment. Landfills seeped with metals pollute the land, air, and nearby water resources too. So, it also makes a difference of the quality of life now and later.

Cap the waste trail

An average American produces more waste than ever before. Packaged food, water bottles,  soda cans, magazines, paper, and more; there is more waste every day. Without repurposing, there is much more pressure on the earth’s resources. Land and the environment must absorb all this waste. More people are turning to composting their garbage with creative and productive ideas. These ideas of repurposing include selling scrap metal for money. Check out our article on 7 Ways to Recycle Old Electronics for more ideas.

Recycling improves the economy

With more support and investments made in the recycling and manufacturing industries, there are more jobs. For example, the state of California has over 3,000 recycling plants, utilizing over 84,000 people that receive close to $1.2 billion in wages every year.
Recycling scrap metal is the first step towards a robust economic activity. Recycling manufacturers depend on the locals to bring in a steady supply of scrap metal. They also bring in materials from recycling programs in schools and offices.

It improves the environment

When you and others choose to recycle, the result is cleaner air and water. It also provides more land area and reduced pollution by the greenhouse gases. These harmful gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons. More land area also reduces the pressure to convert natural forest land into mining areas. The conservation of energy and raw natural resources protects our planet.
It all starts with that one person – you. You can make that difference in your community. Learn the ins and outs of recycling and do your part to protect your environment. Recycle your bottles and papers and take a vow to recycle often; buy recycled products – even clothes! Recycle scrap metal and you can even earn money.
Get in the habit and inspire others in your community to recycle. It will make all the difference and reduce the negative impact waste has on the earth’s resources.
Begin recycling today! Contact us to learn more about the benefits of recycle scrap metal in South Florida