Top 16 Recycling Trends in 2017

We are halfway through 2017 and yet, when you recycle remember new environmental trends continue to emerge every day. Expected to gain traction all over the globe soon, you can now make a positive impact with these surprising 2017 recycling trends. Everything from toilet paper to diapers are being upgraded to reduce our carbon footprint. Here is a list of the latest trends in recycled goods making huge impacts. 

Reusable Toilet Paper

Also known as “family cloths,” these are reusable, washable, and fit well if you want to live an eco-conscious lifestyle. Unlike toilet paper, since it can be used wet, reusable toilet paper gets you cleaner better and they never run out! Simply drop clothes in the wash and you are good to go. 

Repurposed scrap metal

Turn your old washing machine drummer into a comfortable chair; turn a tube into a water fountain or hang a painted old metal bucket and use as a lamp, there are countless ways to repurpose scrap metal into fun furniture.

Dirty diapers

Did you know? A baby uses up to 6,000 diapers before being potty trained at 2.5 years old, culminating to 2.4 million tons of waste in the United States alone. Knowaste has a system that breaks down used diapers into a different components, sterilizes it, filter, cleans, and then reuses them for useful purposes.

Pet fur

A non-profit company, Matter of Trust, based in San Francisco uses donated pet fur to create oil-absorbing hair mats. The company creates green jobs and volunteer opportunities to divert waste fibers into useful products to clean our waterways.

Old bras

The Bra Recyclers recycle old bras with a purpose; with that, they have impacted families and communities worldwide. You can send your old, new, slightly flawed, or even returned items to them instead of the garbage.


You would never guess what companies like No Nonsense can recycle old nylon pantyhose into. Powdered pantyhose material is used to build park benches, playground amenities, and even carpets!

Glasses and hearing aids

You can mail your old glasses and hearing aids to New Eyes for the Needy so they can distribute these to help disadvantaged people in third-world countries. It’s their Overseas Program. It’s not just regular eye glasses, they also supply empty frames, children’s glasses, and sports glasses.  

Tennis balls

You don’t have to keep practicing with dead balls or tennis balls that have lost their bounce. You can now collect up to 200 balls and send them to a company that recycles old tennis balls and makes them feel like brand new!

Running shoes

Did you know the life of a running shoe is just a year? Walking shoes need to be replaced every 6 to 9 months too. Given these stats, there is bound to be a surplus of shoe waste! You could host a shoe drive or send your discarded pairs to a drop-off location.

Wine corks

Of the many things in your household, now you can collect your wine corks and put them to good use, too. Companies such as ReCork recycle used wine corks to build flooring tiles, soil conditioner, craft and other useful materials.


Don’t laugh! Even dentures can be donated and recycled now. Japan Denture Recycling Association (JDRA) has a program that accepts donated dentures to remove the valuable gold and silver metals from them. The proceeds are then further donated to UNICEF and other charities.

Deceased pets

In Germany, you may not bury dead pets in your home, they need to be taken to recycling depots away from the town center instead. The fat from the animals is collected and reprocessed to make glycerin. This component is then used to manufacture lip balms.

Chewed gum

World’s first, an airport in Southampton UK, has installed gum recycling bins for used chewing gums. The donated gums are processed and repurposed to make toys, tires, mobile phone covers, and other useful materials.

Prosthetic limbs

The Amputee Coalition of America disassembles and ships used prosthetic limbs in developing countries to aid landmine victims.

Plastic ban

You may have already noticed this 2017 recycle trend. Many cities across the country are turning away from plastic bags, for instance, California has a statewide ban. So remember to bring a cloth or reusable grocery bag when you go out to shop.

E-waste innovation

Apple robot knows to extract only the valuable materials from electronic waste, helping yards to process e-waste more efficiently. Don’t hold on to your old phone or computer as a backup anymore. Recycle it so all the components of the used electronics can be used before they go obsolete.

As the recycling trends around the world continue to emerge and groups work to reduce our carbon footprints as a nation – it is important to do your part. Learn more about recycling and how you can even earn cash when you recycle scrap metal.