13 Ways to Recycle in South Florida

Before you toss out your trash, pause and consider whether or not some of your trash is able to be used and repurposed. There may be valuables in your trash that can be either recycled or reused around your home. Metals, plastic, and paper from your discarded items can help save the environment and earn you extra money. We’ve compiled a few of the most common recyclables in South Florida.

Aluminum cans/glass bottles/plastic jugs

Bag your empty soda cans, food cans, glass bottles and juice or milk plastic jugs separately. Do this until you source a good amount of these recyclables and you can earn a lot of money. Take them to a local recycling center and they will pay you for the total weight in cash. Consider totes or bins for easy collection.

Public Recycling

To aide in South Florida’s recycling initiatives, look at allocated bins throughout the state. Most counties in Florida have a recycle program for public places. Use the recycling containers found on the beach or in the parks to dispose your aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

Cutting waste at work

Reduce, reuse, or recycle helps you save money, even at work. Make sure your business has the best practices for recycling in place. Contact a local waste management company to visit your site and help you assess how your organization can recycle and repurpose.

Curbside or drop-off programs

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, your county will have a curbside or drop-off programs. Special containers are placed on the curb, on particular days of the week. You can drop-off recyclables such as paper, aluminum, plastic, or cardboard there.

Electronics Program

Electronic household items such as your television set, computers, laptops are hazardous waste items. Those end up in landfills, contaminating the soil and water around that area. It’s important to dispose your electronics responsibly. You can either donate to charity or sell to a trusted recycling center.

Chemical Recycling

Empty aerosol cans, fertilizers, batteries, and pesticides all contain unsafe chemicals. Bag them separately or place in cardboard boxes. Once you have bagged enough of these items, you can drop them off at a local South Florida recycling center. Recycling these items protects the environment and water sources in many undeveloped countries.

Encourage Recycling at School

Teachers and students can be engaged in the recycling programs organized in schools and other educational centers. Various incentives and programs can help to educate young learners on the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.

Yard Waste Recycling

You can now round up the dirt, wood, logs, and stumps from your yard and hand it over to particular recycling programs that repurpose this garbage into useful mulch. Mulch is ideal as a natural ground covering and adds beautiful aesthetics to many gardens.

Used Motor Oil Recycling

If you change the oil for your vehicle yourself, then you need to deposit these used cans into a recycling program. Avoid unnecessary pollution and look up a Public Used Oil Collection Center (PUOCC) near you. Oil that is not properly recycled can cause very harmful effects to the environment. 

Demolition and Construction Debris

Discarded material after a demolition or construction is recycled to design artificial reefs. These are important avenues to encourage the sea-life habitats. Consider partnering with local construction communities to determine the most convenient ways to make a positive impact on construction-debris recycling.

Event Recycling

The next time you organize any event such as a birthday, wedding, or even a block party, make the most of this opportunity and place recycling containers at strategic locations. You can repurpose several household and everyday items into useful art pieces around your home. For example, repurpose tires into plant holders, ladders into a bookshelf, or an old TV into an aquarium. The possibilities are limitless.

Old Appliances

Recycling household appliances is a great way to protect the environment. Consider recycling outdated TV sets and appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves. These items need to be responsibly recycled or disposed of to avoid contamination.

Recycling in South Florida starts with you. To learn more about how you can contribute and protect the environment contact your local recycling center today.