13 Reasons to Recycle Your Washing Machine

Do you have a washing machine that is more than a decade old? Of the 76 million washing machines used in the country today, 25 million are at least 10 years old and are considered e-waste. The washing machines manufactured before 2003 are relatively less efficient than the ones produced today. All these inefficient washing machines cost consumers more than $2.9 billion in both energy and water.

You need to give up your old, used washing machine because it is costing you approximately $180 in utility bills every year! But rather than simply giving up your old washing machine altogether, why not recycle it? Recycling your washing machine saves the environment, and helps you play a key role in recycling e-waste while saving energy and repurposing raw materials.

Here are 11 reasons to recycle your washing machine and protect the environment.

Easy to Recycle

One of the best reasons to recycle your washing machine is because it contains not as many toxic components or hazardous chemicals as refrigerators and freezers. Since washing machines are mostly made up of approximately 65 percent of metal it makes them easy to break down and then recycle.

Get Paid to Scrap

Washing machines that no longer work can be sold as scrap metal. Most machines are processed and separated into different metal parts and types. The body of your washing machine, or the case, is often re-purposed by construction companies for many uses such as support frames. When you approach your local metal scrap retailer, be sure that your washing machine will be responsibly re-purposed or recycled.

Sell for Cash

If your machine is old, yet it functions, well then you can sell your appliance for cash. There are second-hand stores or thrift stores who accept old appliances and resale at a more affordable rate. Check with friends and family for a referral or simply advertise your washer for sale in your community. You can also approach local or online appliance repair shops who will purchase your washing machine.

Exchange for Discount

Retailers may accept your old washing machine and recycle it for you. When you plan to buy a new machine, you could approach any utility company that will take your old and apply a discount to your new one. Ask if a used washing machine can give you a discount on the new model. Find special offers on Energy Star utility appliances.

Get a Rebate

Homeowners who want to buy more energy-saving washing machines can get rebates from governments and utility companies for giving up their e-waste. You can get cash when you surrender your old and used machines to buy a more energy efficient one.

It’s the Law

If you are looking to dispose of your old and used washing machine, then remember that many states make it imperative properly dispose of such large appliances. Look into the local regulations for a responsible appliance disposal company.

Exchange for an Energy-Efficient Model

An energy-efficient washing machine will help you save money on your utility bills. A new one that comes with the ENERGY STAR consumes 40 percent less water and close to 25 percent less energy, compared to the old, inefficient machines.

Donate to Local Charities

If your washing machine is still in a working condition, you can contact the Red Cross, faith communities, or local women’s shelters who will gladly accept appliances that are workable. Does your machine work well? Then you can donate it to an underprivileged family.  This is a good alternative and your chance to make a donation, to pay it forward.

Make Stylish Furniture

You can now re-purpose different parts of the washing machine and create unique and useful products for your home. Try to create stools or lamps from the washing machine drum. Also try creating an outside fireplace with an inverted drum. With a paint job and some effort,salvage the drum as a plant container for your outdoor garden.

Free Energy Machine

Yes, your old washing machine can be re-purposed to create a generator. Generators can help you create energy in more effective ways that protect the environment. Washing machines are very versatile e-waste.

Use Different Parts Around Your Home

There are some great ideas for using the nuts, bolts and other hardware from your washing machine; that could be rather expensive to buy from a hardware store. Reuse the glass door as a bowl and many others.