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What is Scrap Metal? Interesting Facts and Information about the Interesting World of Recycling Scrap Metals and Alloys.

Major Rebound In E-Scrap Market Expected In Coming Months

The pandemic may take a heavy toll on electronics scrap supply but there’s light at the end of the tunnel with worldwide volumes picking up again, experts agreed during an online discussion hosted by the BIR world recycling organisation. The lockdown has had huge impact on supply within the US, said Josephita Harry of Miami-based [...]


Scrap metal is an important source material for the metal production industry, contributing a large fraction of the final product (in the case of steel, about 50%). Most cities have several scrapyards, ranging from small operations involving a few individuals through medium sized facilities to, in industrialized States, large scrapyards handling between a hundred thousand [...]

Scrap Metal: Breaking News and Industry Insights

As a measure against cheaper imports, President Trump’s solemn promise to protect steel manufacturers in the country has the industry excited and hopeful for a bright decade ahead. The investment in infrastructure is said to be near $1 trillion. No wonder the stock prices for some scrap metal have climbed the charts of late! American [...]

Top Factors Influencing Scrap Metal Pricing

Top Factors Influencing Scrap Metal Pricing Just like some other commodities, the prices of metals at scrap yard Deerfield are also affected by certain factors. Some of the three biggest factors affecting pricing and can make the prices of metal vary are the following: Energy cost and production Supply and demand Prices of virgin metals [...]