How to Recycle Your Electronic Waste

Technology continues to grow and thrive as the years move. Every few months households upgrade their electronic devices. In fact, 48 percent of consumers upgrade their cell phones within two years. Upgrading televisions, cell phones, and other devices is excellent and invigorating, however, to get rid of the old ones usually leads to an increase in electronic waste. Choosing to recycle your electronics is a quick way to save the environment, reduce waste, and avoid filling landfills with hazardous material.


Many consumers dispose of electronic waste without much thought partly due to the fact that most are unaware of proper disposal of old devices and the health risk improper disposal poses on the environment. Every year, about 20-50 million metric tons of electronic waste is produced. How do you get rid of electronic devices that you no longer have any use for while also preserving the environment?  In this guide we discuss several different ways to recycle your electronic waste.


When you dispose an electronic devices you will need to put some thought into just how to go about it. Improper methods of disposing electronic waste may lead to dire consequences to the environment that may also affect the health of those in your community. As electronics break down they often release hazardous materials. These materials may leak into the land and/or water supply. Throwing away electronics or dumping them in landfills will lead to environmental pollution.

Donate Your Electronic Waste

If your device is in a working condition or in a state that can be repaired then a great option is to donate it. Charitable organizations gladly receive these electronic devices and use them for a variety of purposes. Often they are rehomed or sold to raise money. They are also given to schools and homes for people with disabilities.


You will be able to find many schools and organizations that will greatly benefit from your donation with a simple search. There are many programs out there who are eager to give you opportunities to donate. When you donate you make use of your old electronics while helping others and giving back.


Find a Place to Recycle Your Electronic Waste

One of the best and easiest ways to recycle your electronic waste is to hand them over to a reliable and reputable recycling facility in or around South Florida. Be weary and be sure the facility has the proper recycling procedures in place. Some facilities dump them in a landfill which ends up polluting the environment. Be sure to research a little about the service provider prior to  you handing them your electronic devices. Ask questions about where they send their electronic waste and where they anticipate your donation landing.


Return Your Devices

This method of recycling ends up benefiting both the customer and manufacturer. Some manufacturers take back their electronic devices and even pay for shipping. Contact your product manufacturer about your device and figure out the best way you can return it.


Also check with the retailer from where you bought your device, they may have some kind of a electronic disposal policy or program for consumers. Companies have different policies and various kinds of pick up options that will make recycling your electronic waste simple, convenient, and safer for the environment.


Re-home and Re-create Your Devices

Receiving money back for your old electronic devices is the best way to recycle for everyone. Many cell phone service providers and technology oriented companies offer rebates for old products. There are plenty of online sites where you can sell your electronic waste as well. Find a site that will do so and input your product details. You will soon get a handful of interested buyers. This is quite a good option as you can choose who to sell their product to.


Another very effective and cost saving method for recycling is to recreate and re-purpose your devices. The internet has a wide array of ideas and how to instructions on how reuse electronic devices. Pinterest features pins on how you to turn electronic chips, batteries, USBs, etc. into earrings and necklaces, pen holders, phone cases, lamps, chandeliers, and more – the options are limitless.


Get your creative juices flowing and you can turn it into a community project as well. Gather all the odds and ends of your electronics lying around your house and go create. You can even put these items up for sale. All these methods require time and effort but protect the environment.


Look into the kinds of electronics that you have at home and decide which is the best method to recycle them. Disposing electronic waste irresponsibly causes the mercury and the lead in the electronics to seep deep into the earth. The informal recycling market has boomed of late. This has lead to terrible consequences to the environment, like the depletion of a lake. The decision to recycle your electronics responsibly is the first step to a greener and cleaner earth.