9 Creative Ways to Reuse Your Electronic Waste

As the years pass, piling up of old electronics seems to be a common feature in most 21st century homes. Many households end up simply discarding old or outdated devices under tarps in a basement or an attic. Many others simply toss them into the trash without a second thought. These tips and tricks help you organize your home for the better and get more value out of smaller spaces. When it comes to re-purposing electronic waste, it’s not the lack of options but the lack of knowledge and insight into the best ways to re-purpose your electronics. Although re-purposing  is a challenge, with a bit of effort and creativity these ideas are definitely worth a try.

Create an Macaquarium.

The Macaquarium is exciting, interesting, and visually delightful. Any old machine or electronic device can be used for this “re-purpose.” Dismantling it will require caution so be sure to follow instructions. Once the monitor is dismantled, the shell turns into a home for your pet fish or even hamsters (it is recommended that hamsters need to be in pairs).  

Enjoy your very own cloud (digital storage space).

Looking for a handy portable drive? Look no further! The older iPods that have exhausted its song list are ideal for getting more storage on the go. For Apple products, simply plug the device in and press ‘enable disc use.’ It turns into a fully functional portable drive. You can transfer songs, movies, files, and more. You can even turn it into a backup storage drive for all your files.

Get eyes everywhere with recycled surveillance cameras.

Your old web camera can easily be re-purposed into a surveillance camera. Many of the latest devices come with built-in cameras, so many of the web cameras go to waste. Extracting the camera is an effective way to reuse these old devices and save some money.

Add a screen to your work space.  

Those of you in need of a second monitor can easily make use of an old unused laptop. Detach the screen part of the laptop and use some technical whiz to make this an additional monitor. This might require more technical knowledge, but it definitely pays off when you are working on a tight deadline and in a tight budget.

Reuse and re-purpose to create everyday essentials.

There are many ways to refurbish old electronics into handy everyday household items. Gluing together old batteries are great anchors and platforms in a workshop, key pieces from an old keyboard make a simple stand for toothbrushes or paperclips. Make use of electronic chips to decorate a photo frame or even make one. Jewelery can be made from batteries, electronic chips, and much more; just put in a little bit of creativity and time into each re-purpose project.

Rethink the way you display family memories.

Need to get rid of those CDs often used by your electronic waste? Looking for a way to spice up the plain white wall near your staircase? Take the CDs and break them into small pieces; take extra caution while doing this. Now you can glue the pieces together in a shape or design you prefer and put in some photos. Will you be able to re-purpose a floppy disk in the same way? Yes! Just take a photograph and slide it in the steel flap of the disk. You can hang up the disk on the wall or prop up the disk on a counter. These also make a unique gift for your loved one too.

Make modern and trendy coasters.

The easiest way to reuse any device which is flat and on the smaller side is turning it into a coaster. CDs, floppy disks, you name it…just a can of spray paint is enough to brighten it up. Now have a pile of coasters ready when guests come over. These make excellent party decorations. Serve up that ice tea this hot summer without fear of glass stains all over your coffee table.

Save the world and plant something.

Try this out to freshen up your work space or kitchen counter. Take four floppy disks and make it into a container, use an empty yogurt jar to place the plants in it. Place the plant in the floppy disk container and you will have your floppy disk planter. Get creative and see what else you can reuse in this same way. That extra boost of oxygen will definitely go a long way!

Create flashy keychains.

Tired of misplacing your keys all the time? Make yourself unique keychains out of old electronic chips, keys from a keyboard etc. Get a ring from a local hardware shop and attach it to your item of choice. Ring your keys on this unique keychain and be sure to never lose them again.