7 Ways to Recycle Old Electronics This Year

Each year millions of people will upgrade their old electronics to new ones. Electronic waste, other wise known as e-waste, describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. E-waste represents two percent of America’s trash in landfills today. It equals more than 70 percent of overall toxic waste. Your cell phones and other electrical items contain high amounts of precious metals. Gold and silver are the primary metals.

There is more than $60 million worth of gold and silver from our electronics in landfills.  There are several ways you can learn to recycle your old electronics. By doing this you are helping contribute to the well-being of our planet.


Donating your recycled e-waste is always a good idea and wise first step. Most communities hold events to gather donations for a cause. At these events you are able to recycle certain items while supporting a community cause. Some other options to donate your e-waste include donating phones for soldiers’ overseas and computers. The phones give soldiers the chance to keep in touch with family while away for extended periods of time. Charities, like Computers for Kids, take old computers and computer items and fix them to donate to low income children for higher learning.


Do you find  yourself always in need of something electrical replaced in your home? Keeping your old electronics can fix that. It may not be an immediate purpose, but it serves a great one and, can save money. By saving all your old electronics you can use them by dismantling them to fix your new electronics. This includes things like a new camera lens for your phone or a missing key to your keyboard. Every piece counts.


If you like to stand out and be different, this one’s for you. Saving odds and ends from your old electronics can be useful for something you wear. Piecing them all together to make your own fun and wacky jewelry. A motherboard necklace, a wire butterfly for your desk, or a number key ring is just a small list of endless things you can choose to make with your electronic waste. There are so many fun ideas you can incorporate into this category!


If you are into art then recycling old electronics is a great idea for you. There is an unlimited number of pieces you can collect from old electrical equipment. By collecting different odds and ends you can create a unique and fun masterpiece all your own.

Home Crafts

Picture frames, wall hangings, or even a vase. Each of these can be created from recycled electronics. Have an old keyboard that is no good? Roll it up and hot glue it together. This can be a fun vase or pencil holder for your desk. Smash up a bunch of your old CDs that don’t play. Arrange and glue the pieces around a mirror for a cool mosaic tile look. If you have an old computer monitor laying around, it’s perfect for a fish tank.


Old box televisions are very versatile in their use. Once you take out the screen and all parts inside and recycle the pieces, the options are endless. The best ideas to come from old televisions is shelving. You can paint the outside as you like, or keep it original. Nail in or glue in a shelf to decorate with your personal items.

Pet Bed

Old tv and computer monitors are ideal electronic waste because they are big and spacious. If you remove the screen and insides, you now have an empty space to work with. Decorate it the way you want. Remember to sand the inside edges if they seem sharp and you now have a nice enclosure perfect for a pet bed. All you need to do is pop in a bed sized to fit inside. Your pet’s new home is ready to enjoy.

Changing is a part of our everyday lives. As you are constantly keeping up with the technology of the world, you should always remember to recycle. It doesn’t always have to be only finding places to take it. By listing a few fun ideas we hope you can recycle your old electronics while enjoying it too. Pinterest is a great website to find fun, new, and unique ideas to help you get creative.